Wednesday, January 12, 2011

T-shirt yarn

Why in the world would you want 30 yards of yarn made from a t-shirt? Well...great question!
For those of you who knit/crochet...I hear it can make some great yarn for
eco-friendly hats, bags, slippers etc.
For those of you who don’t (me!) Well I should have thought about what I would do with it before I made some! I decided on a necklace for one ball of yarn I made.
Which I prompty sold on etsy!
Any ideas of other crafts that could be done with about 30 yards of t-shirt yarn?
Incase you want to give it a try (or if you ever get stuck on a deserted island and need some emergency rope) this is a great fast little craft idea for an old t-shirt!
*I cannot remember where I saw this tutorial! I immediately saw it and remembered I used to do this cut as a magic trick as a kid (take an index card, cut it like this..and you can "step through" a hole in an index card) so I apologize for not giving credit where due!*
First: Lay it out flat, and cut it the bottom off the shirt. Then, if it doesn’t have writing, cut from arm pit to armpit. Or if it does have writing, cut from the bottom of the writing across (avoiding the writing)
Then fold it in half, but leave about 1 inch at the top of the fold. So don’t match up the ends exactly.
Cut strips but leave the 1inch at the top uncut. I cut my strips about ¾-1inch wide. Too skinny and it will tear.
Keep going until the entire shirt is cut. Now open up the uncut fold.
Here is the only tricky part. You want to cut diagonally (this makes it one continuous piece of yarn)
So from here:
To here:

Then keep cutting diagonally until the end of the shirt! It will make one long piece.
Stretch the t-shirt in sections to get the shirt fully stretched out. It makes the “tube” look that you see in a lot of the t- shirt crafts.
left side (unstretched) right side (stretched)
Ta-dah! You are done!
Now if only I could figure out a neat craft to do with it, or learn to crochet.



I LOVE this! I will be doing this!


Good Morning! I just wanted you to know that I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. I love your Blog. Have a Super weekend.


It would be good to wrap around a wreath in lieu of yarn like I've been seeing a lot. I think it would be pretty to do white "tarn" around the wreath and add red rosettes for Valentine's Day. Very nice!

Crazy Cat Lady

I am planning on going to a second hand store, buying like 30 t-shirts, making yarn, crocheting a rug for my entry way. The t-shirt material is super soft on your feet, it's completely washable, and you won't feel bad about it's cost.


I think that is a great idea! Sadly, I don't know how to crochet (its on my list of things to learn) but I am in the process of making a latch hook rug from t-shirts!


I was feeling super stressed this weekend about some tests I have this week so I took a crafty moment and made some t-shirt yarn. Thanks for the tutorial :)

Rosie Lundberg

If you can't knit or crochet, learn to finger knit - it's easy and quick; I made a hat in about an hour or so :-) and you don't need any equipment.


I crocheted an large oval rug this way in college-except I just tore up shirts and knotted them together--you are so much more clever!! Then when I had babies I attempted to crochet a large rug out of denim. It didnt turn out as well :(


excellent tutorial thank you!


I can't wait to try this!!! My mother-in-law was telling me about this :)


t-shirt yarn..?? Nice article and nice invention... I like it on my own mind... Thanks for sharing,


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jace Aly

I think that is a great idea! Sadly, I don't know how to crochet (its on my list of things to learn) but I am in the process of making a latch hook rug from t-shirts!

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